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Upcoming Events

  1. Pet Therapy at the Rainbow Center2:00pm 1/29
  2. Pet Therapy at Lou's Cafe4:00pm 1/30
  3. Pet Therapy at The Benton5:00pm 2/6
  4. Pet Therapy at AsACC1:00pm 2/26
  5. Pet Therapy at Lou's Cafe4:00pm 2/27

Name: Luke

Handler: Ted

Age: 9

Breed: Golden Retriever

Fun Facts: Luke likes being at UConn hanging out with all of the students. He loves playing with his sister Layla. He loves people, kids, anyone really! He loves to sit in your lap and watch TV. Luke’s favorite toy is a tug toy that he drags around. When away from UConn, Luke enjoys visiting the VA hospital in downtown Newington.