Health Equity and Access to Care

As stated as the first tenet of our Patients' Rights and Responsibilities: We believe you have a right to be treated with respect, consideration and dignity, as well as be free from all forms of abuse and harassment on the basis of an race, color, ethnicity, religious creed, age, sex, marital status, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation, genetic information, physical or mental disability (including learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, and past or present history of mental illness), veteran’s status, prior conviction of a crime, gender identity or expression, or membership in any other protected classes.


We know there are significant health concerns that arise because of racism—lack of concentration, anger, suicidality, anxiety, numbing, depression, trauma, heart disease, substance use, and hyper-vigilance, among others.

Below are some resources for our Black and non-Black communities of color in support during this difficult and overwhelming time.

Practical things:

  • Acknowledge the pain—the anger, injustice, sadness, hurt, disappointment, despair, infuriation, indignation… the list could go on
  • Take time for yourself, away from the news—limit your exposure to traumatic images and videos. Do things that heal—sleeping, eating, breathing, drink water, exercise
  • Reach out to your community—lean on your network of support through texts, phone calls, FaceTiming, and the like. Sharing our collective pain helps to remind ourselves that we’re not alone in this.
  • Use your voice—speak out, demonstrate, do something to help yourself and your community
  • Find people to practice allyship—who are those who look differently from you and who can speak to their communities and stand in solidarity with you? It’s not your job to educate everyone else. That’s emotional labor that others can and should take on.
  • The burden should not fall on the oppressed to “fix”—we as a diverse community of people take responsibility to do our part in advocating for a just society, eradicating racism, and engaging in a nation and world characterized by love for each other.






UConn Student Health and Wellness has been awarded the "LGBTQ health care Equality Leader" designation in the HRC's Healthcare Equality Index.