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Student Health and Wellness

Whether your goal is to improve your health, stay fit, find support, or feel better, the Student Health and Wellness team is here to help and empower you. Our services and programs are designed to promote a healthy lifestyle during your time at college and for years to come.

Impact of COVID-19 on Student Health and Wellness

The worldwide pandemic involving COVID-19 (coronavirus) has produced unprecedented challenges in the UConn community and around the world. Our main focus continues to be protecting all individual and population health, but there is now a shift to reducing the University mission as much as possible except for critical activities. As we adjust to this shift, please use the links under Our Services to check availability of services and programs.

Managing Mental Health During the Pandemic

As each day brings new updates, possibly with worrying or confusing information about COVID-19 (coronavirus), we each respond to this stress in our own ways. Everyone is different—our various thoughts, emotions and reactions are normal in the face of such widespread uncertainty.

Service Lines

Medical Icon

Medical Care

Sick or injured? Need an annual exam, allergy shots, or immunizations? Do you have another medical need? Our team of physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, registered dietitians, and other college health specialists is here for you.

Mental Health Icon

Mental Health

Our team of mental health professionals understands the complexities of student life and provides an open, safe, and confidential environment to help you through issues that may interfere with your well-being and academic productivity.

Pharmacy Icon


Our on-campus pharmacy carries a large selection of prescription and over-the-counter medications and medical supplies. Our registered pharmacists collaborate with your healthcare professionals to provide you with the right medication and clear instructions for use.

Health Promotion Icon

Health Promotion

Our health promotion team engages the campus community in creating a culture of health at UConn. We provide educational programs and resources on priority student health topics such as stress management, alcohol and other drugs, sleep, and sexual health; as well as bring together students, staff and faculty to co-create a healthy campus through our Wellness Coalition.


Please keep in mind we will not be conducting any in-person programming during the COVID-19 pandemic and some programs may not be available virtually.

Fall break is a great time to take a tolerance break (T-Break) from cannabis.

Check out this helpful day-by-day guide for support to make your T-Break work for you! uvm.edu/health/t-break-guide-help-support-you-cannabis-tolerance-break

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Take a break and join us today at 4 for a gentle therapeutic yoga and breathwork virtual class

Release stress, enhance mental focus, flexibility and strength
Sign in via Zoom here: studenthealth.uconn.edu/yoga

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HUGE shout out to all our 2,461+ students who took the #UConnPromise to protect themselves and the community from the flu!

If you haven't received your flu shot yet... it's not too late! Stop by our last clinics before returning home!

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We know our off-campus students missed #gloveBOX this semester, so we’ve developed something just for them!

In collaboration with @uconnoffcampus, we will be hosting a safe and socially distanced “Condom Blitz” starting tomorrow! Our off-campus students can pick up free safer-sex supplies, including condoms, lubrication and dental dams!

All off-campus students are invited to stop at any one of 3 locations this week. Our UConn Sexperts and gloveBOX team will be there to provide you with supplies in a safe and socially distanced way. Masks are required!

For more info: events.uconn.edu/event/80708/2020-11-10

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Do you feel stressed about the COVID-19 situation and the immigration policy changes? Do you feel lonely when you maintain social distancing?

Partnering with @uconnisss, we are offering a support group for all UConn international students who are currently residing in U.S. Students can express concerns, connect with others, and support other peers!

Join our international students support group by registering (linktr.ee in bio: Events)

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We’ve re-launched our free Consultation and Support program virtually for all Storrs students! "Meet" with a therapist by video or phone for confidential support, Monday - Friday 1-3pm

Schedule online at myhealth.uconn.edu or call 860-486-4705

more info: s.uconn.edu/consultationsupport (link in bio)

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Feeling stressed for tomorrow night??
We are hosting a virtual Election Night Group Support for students concerned about the effects of the election.

Stop by anytime between 7-10pm on election night.
Registration link in bio

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Journaling 📝our thoughts and feelings, especially about things that trouble us, can help reduce our stress and anxiety, along with helping us work through problems and increase self-awareness

Using pen 🖋️& 📜 paper (as opposed to typing) has been shown to achieve better results

Take a break from your screens and try it out for yourself!

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Join us daily in our Intro to Mindfulness workshop as we introduce basic skills like deep breathing, present moment awareness and self-acceptance for stress reduction and to promote overall wellbeing 🙏

link in bio to join!

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We've newly partnered with Thriving Campus, an online database and referral platform for mental health providers!

UConn students can search for providers in their area based on their mental health and insurance needs.

Find a local therapist at uconn.thrivingcampus.com (link in bio)

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Join us every Friday at 12pm for our All Recovery Meetings. These meetings offer all pathways of recovery and are embraced here.

The entire UConn community – students, staff, faculty, alum are welcome to attend this online meeting from anywhere around the world

More info: urc.uconn.edu/events

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Stay distant while still improving your health! No matter if you are off or on campus, you have access to FREE Physical Activity Counseling through Student Health and Wellness!

Call today at 860-486-2719 to schedule your free telehealth appointment to find out how you can integrate physical activity into your life

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Pool testing is a vital method of keeping UConn and our communities safe. We will be pool sampling outside the Student Union today from 11 am - 2pm. Here's a quick video of how it’s done!

Thank you to @squaredlabs for working with us on this project ☺️ For general questions about this surveillance program, email: covscreen@uconn.edu. Please do not email any personal nor medical information.

For health-related, personal and COVID-19 questions, please contact our Advice Nurse at 860-486-4700 and select option 1, then option 2.

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What is your story??

Learn how to craft a 3-5 minute version in a supportive, encouraging group through our online Recovery Storytelling Workshop. Hold on to your story until you’re ready to share it.

To register, email urc@uconn.edu or visit meghannperry.com for more info

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Please note that Student Health and Wellness is a separate business entity from UConn Health located in downtown Storrs. Services provided by UConn Health may not be covered by the student’s insurance. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Be Well. Feel Well. Do Well.