Warmest Greetings!

National data indicates that trans and gender-expansive patients often delay or do not seek sick care or preventive health care. UConn Student Health and Wellness is committed to offering an environment that encourages students to seek healthcare that is inclusive and supportive of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and expressions. We have trans-knowledgeable and trans-supportive college health professionals on staff in order to provide inclusive care, including gyn services and access to sexual assault forensic examiners (SAFE.)

UConn’s student health insurance plan (SHIP) currently covers counseling by a qualified mental health professional, hormone therapy, gender affirming surgery, and genital reconstructive surgery.


For students seeking assistance, SHaW – Mental Health therapists can provide both therapeutic support as well as letters for gender-related medical interventions as indicated in the course of therapy.

SHaW-Mental Health Philosophy of Clinical Practice

Student Health and Wellness – Mental Health (SHaW-MH) promotes and fosters the emotional and psychological growth and well-being of all students at UConn by providing a wide range of mental health services on campus. SHaW-MH staff has extensive experience in college counseling and is committed to providing high quality care in a safe, confidential and non-judgmental atmosphere. SHaW-MH uses a short-term, strengths focused, bio-psycho-social model of treatment that honors the fundamental dignity and striving of the human person. We work in close collaboration with other departments and community partners at UConn to achieve our goals.

Diversity Statement

Student Health and Wellness – Mental Health is committed to creating a safe and welcoming environment for the UConn community.  We celebrate and honor the uniqueness and diversity of all individuals. We promote social justice and inclusivity throughout UConn and the broader global community through our clinical, outreach, and training services.

Eligibility for Services at SHaW-MH

All registered students at the Storrs campus are eligible for services. Sometimes other persons important in your life, such a partner, spouse, or friend may be involved in the therapy process as well and do not have to be a UConn student. SHaW-MH can also provide support in locating off-campus therapy resources or referrals.

Services Provided at SHaW-MH

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Psychiatric services
  • Alcohol and other drug services
  • Consultation and Support Drop in services
  • Emergency assessment

Gender Affirmation Support

SHaW-MH therapists are open and affirming to students who wish to address issues related to sexuality, gender expression, and gender identity.