Security & Confidentiality

Our Commitment to Confidentiality

We want you to feel comfortable seeking the care you need without worrying about privacy issues.

Please be assured that all medical care at Student Health and Wellness is confidential. Health care records are completely separate from all other university records. Student Health and Wellness staff members confer with one another as needed to provide integrated medical care for you. Otherwise, Student Health and Wellness will not release any information about you without your written permission, except for regulatory or quality assurance audits or as authorized or required by law, or as necessary in our judgment to protect you or others from a serious threat to health or safety. If a patient wishes to allow a release of information from his/her records, the Authorization for Release of Health Information is available on our forms page.

If you have any questions regarding the release of health information, please contact:

Secure Messages from your Healthcare Provider

Student Health and Wellness is using secure messaging as a confidential and convenient method to contact you regarding your health care. Secure messaging may be used by providers to provide general information, lab results or follow-up instructions. If you are sent a secure message, notification will be sent to your university email address with instructions for logging into our web portal to read the message.

Notice to Parents about Confidentiality

Your student may visit Student Health and Wellness for a variety of health concerns, and we know that you will want information about the status of their care. We are able to share information only with the written consent of your student or in certain cases of emergency as we are subject to laws regarding privacy. We recommend that you communicate directly with your student regarding concerns about medical care and discuss the student’s ability to authorize release of information to parents.