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Gentle Therapeutic Yoga and Breathwork Classes

Gentle Therapeutic Yoga and Breathwork Classes for stress relief, body therapy, enhancing mental focus and emotional release, resilient health, flexibility and strength, and clarity of selfhood.

Therapeutic Yoga skillfully blends movement (yoga poses/somatic exploration) and breathwork, with a meditative focus for a full body practice that calms, nurtures, strengthens and opens one into flexibility of body and mind.

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Tuesdays: 5 - 6 pm

Thursdays: 4 - 5 pm

Yoga is protective and enlivening. 

Freeing you from habitual patterns of tension, this yoga creates a sense of spaciousness within, dissolves stress, strengthens core muscles, joint health, centeredness, postural alignment and groundedness, increases breath capacity and breath awareness, shifts stagnant emotions into movement and release, and is attentive to the subtle stuff of the mind, helping to free us from the driving forces of unconscious actions and thoughts.

Healing and resilient health require rejuvenation. In yoga we raise the energy, stir it up, and then bring it into balance, inviting serenity and mastery of your own inner voice, deepening your connection to your natural body intelligence. We can create our sense of safety within ourselves through intelligent embodiment and intimacy with the subtle energies of being alive. Calm mind. Strong body. Gentleness in the heart. This practice is slow, deep, attentive. It’s an excellent practice for a body that’s healthy and/or a body/mind that is hurting or injured. 

You’ll practice yogic techniques that you can bring into your everyday experience for simply living a good day, and for increasing your capacity to be creatively present in your life. A yogic attitude toward self and practice is one of kindness, patience, and tenderness.  We grow into our best selves in an inner atmosphere of loving care. 

You’re most welcome to join in and enjoy!  All levels of practice are welcome! Beginners are welcome!  

Recovery Yoga Sessions

Recovery Yoga is available for all UConn students. These sessions are for those who struggle with addiction, are affected by a loved one's addiction, and/or support the recovery lifestyle. It combines trusted recovery meeting formats combined with pranayama breathing and vinyasa yoga. Meetings are facilitated by a Recovery Coach and held online and in person.