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The Innovate Wellness Team wants to increase understanding of how students view their own wellness and in turn, for UConn to better meet the needs of students. We are excited to announce the Innovate Wellness Photovoice Project!  

Your photos can help promote change on campus!

Students are asked to share their opinions and points of view by taking pictures relevant to how student wellbeing is defined and practiced on campus.
All students have to do is submit photos relating to the outlined prompts below:

    • What is essential to your wellbeing?  
    • What brings balance to your life?  
    • Where do you find joy?  
    • What does connection look like to you? 

These are only guiding questions, students are welcome to submit photos relevant to your health. You can submit more than one photo for the same prompt or multiple prompts. Photo submissions are now open!

Photography and Photovoice Basics





Photovoice is a visual research methodology with the intention to foster social change. Photovoice has been used to investigate change in empowerment in communities. With each photo submitted, it is encouraged that students also provide a short narrative or description in order to better understand the student experience and view point. 

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