Leadership Team

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Office of the Executive Director
Hilda May Williams building, lower level

Phone: (860) 486-0744
Fax: (860) 486-5300

Suzanne Onorato, PhD suzanne.onorato@uconn.edu
Executive Director of Student Health and Wellness
(860) 486-0744

Benjamin Christensen, MFA benjamin.christensen@uconn.edu
Project Coordinator
(860) 486-0744

Deborah Hubbell, RPh, FACHA deborah.hubbell@uconn.edu
Temporary University Specialist
(860) 486-4828

Lori Masters, MSN, RN lori.masters@uconn.edu
Director of Clinical Data Analytics & Health Information
(860) 486-5532

Ronnie McLean, PhD ronnie.mclean@uconn.edu
Director of Health Equity & Access to Care
(860) 486-0744

Sheyda Younessi, MBA sheyda.younessi@uconn.edu
Director of Fiscal & Business Operations
(860) 486-6835

Health Promotion
Wilson Hall, Ground Floor, Room 124

Phone: (860) 486-9431
Email: wellness@uconn.edu

Karen T. McComb, MS karen.mccomb@uconn.edu
Director of Health Promotion and Community Impact
(860) 486-9431

Meet the Health Promotion Staff

Medical Care
Hilda May Williams building

Phone: (860) 486-4700
Fax: (860) 486-5300

Ellyssa Eror, MD ellyssa.eror@uconn.edu
Medical Director
(860) 486-0765

Tina McCarthy, RN tina.mccarthy@uconn.edu
Director of Nursing
(860) 486-0765

Meet our Medical Care Team

Mental Health
Arjona, fourth floor

Phone: (860) 486-4705
Fax: (860) 486-9159

Jennifer L. Petro, PsyD jennifer.petro@uconn.edu
Interim Co-Leader of Mental Health
Director of Training
(860) 486-4700

Mary Painter, LCSW, LADC mary.painter@uconn.edu
Associate Director of Mental Health
(860) 486-4700

Meet the Mental Health Staff

Sports Medicine
Burton Family Football Complex

Phone: (860) 486-0404
Fax: (860) 486-5277

Deena Casiero, MD deena.casiero@uconn.edu
Director of Sports Medicine
Head Team Physician
(860) 486-0404

Sports Medicine Department Directory